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Proposta creada per participants de l'equip numero 7 durant la sessió Edu_Hack 2016

World Saving Team

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Descripció general

Virtiual problem-solving game: students need to solve problems in a collaborative way. The objective of the game is to be certified to take part of a select international team of astronauts on a world mission to save the planet. Each group of students is assigned a continent and each continent involves a specific set of tasks, which are designed according to key competences and multiple intelligences. Once they solve tasks in one continent they can get to another.They get budgets, bonuses... The bonuses can be exchanged by tools, time, miles, and the costs would variate depending of the continent. Final boss: from 5 different continents select the 5 members of the astrounauts elite team that will save the world.

Objectius d'aprenentatge

  • Cooperative Learning
  • Problem solving
  • Research
  • Meaningful learning
  • Cross-curricular learning


  1. Launching Session (2-3 hours) includes two tasks: 1- Research on assigned continent (2-3 hours) 2- Designing the plan for transport with the budget assigned In this session each team will print the board/world map, thew will use it as their storytelling structure for the presentation task.
  2. Continent challenges: students complete 4 diffferent tasks in each continent. Members of each clan have an assigned role fitting multiple intelligences. Once a task is fulfilled they get budget to travel to a new continent. There are two types of tasks according to their difficulty/timing; 3 tasks of 1h (task X) and 1 task of 2h (task Y). The accomplishment of all 4 tasks aint necessary for obteining acces to the next continent and depending on the sequency of the tasks developing the group could get bonus as followign: x+x+x= acces continent x+x+x+y= acces continent + bonus x+x+y= acces continent The groups get on continent map on pdf with 4 QR codes that they will have to scan for doing the tasks. QR codes will be uncovered one by one, when a task is done an updated version of the continent map on pdf will be sent to the team with a QR code visible for doint the next task. (5 x 4h = 20 hours)
  3. Meeting point: After completing all activities and getting the acces to new continent the team is given a part of a keyword. After completing all five continents they get the whole keyword that will give them an exact location where they will meet for the final activities.
  4. Each team makes an oral presentation about the process that led them to the meeting point, the management of all resources, budget balance and group experience.
  5. Final task: after the presentations each group votes for the winner team that will conform the world saving team.


It's flexible. You can use new digital activities or apps every time It caters for diverse intelligences It works with challenges It uses a real physical gameboard with QR codes that lead to the virtual game Non-linear game


Teamwork rubrics Self evaluation and co-evaluation Evaluation according to: remaining budget, tasks achieved, timing, final report presentation, bonuses

Gestió de l'alula

Groups of threes and fours. Cooperative work


Xavier Cortina

Xavier Cortina

INS Vall de Llémena
Montserrat Jímenez Vila

Montserrat Jímenez Vila

Marta Larregola

Marta Larregola

Institut Ernest Lluch
Miquel Navarro

Miquel Navarro

Laura Rovira Font

Laura Rovira Font



Communication in foreign languages
Basic competences in science, technologies and mathematics (STEM)
Digital competence
Learning to learn
Interpersonal, intercultural, social and civic competence
Cultural expression

Tecnologia & Recursos

Any mobile device able to read a QR code
A wide range of digital activities and apps that will be involved in the accomplishment of the different tasks

Observacions / extres

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