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Universidad Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona Futur Docent

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Kahoot!: Make Learning Awesome

Play fun, social learning games for any subject, for free.

1. Join games instantly and easily, no account needed.
2. Look up and play together so you can share and celebrate learning.
3. Get personal and group feedback during gameplay for increased engagement and learning outcomes.
4. A more stable connection to games.

Tangram for kids


Tangram es un juego de rompecabezas que consiste en juntar las piezas para formar figuras originales.
Fue originalmente inventado en China.
Un bello y divertido juego de puzzle clásico para todas las edades



The new Bee-Bot App from TTS Group has been developed based on our well-loved, award-winning Bee-Bot floor robot. The app makes use of Bee-Bot´s keypad functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns.

The app has been developed with 12 levels encouraging progression. Each level is timed and the faster it is completed the more stars you get! The levels are set in an engaging garden scenario and will appeal from age 4 upwards.

The app is for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.

Puppet Pals HD


Spring/Summer SALE 20% off "Purchase Entire Catalog"!

Create your own unique shows with animation and audio in real time!

Simply pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later.

This app is as fun as your own creativity. Act out a story of Pirates on the high seas, fight as scary monsters, or play the part of a Wild West bandit on the loose. You can even combine any characters however you want!

Your creations are only limited by your imagination (and voice acting skills in my case).

- Create an actor from a photo
- Use a photo as a backdrop for your storytelling
- zoom and rotate your characters using two fingers
- flip them around with a double tap
- a wide variety of creative characters to download (including famous talk show hosts and politicians)
- limitless possibilities of story creations
- buy the director´s pass and receive ALL current and FUTURE content!

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