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Memory Trainer: Matching Game


Memory Trainer: Matching Game is funny, educational puzzle memory game about the universe(space) for toddlers, babies, preschoolers, kids and adults. It helps kids to improve memory and mental and brain skills. Exercise your mind. Improve your IQ. Expand your knowledge about space. Test your memory capacity and quickness. There are many benefits of playing Memory Trainer: Matching Game - especially for babies, toddlers and kids. Memory game helps them to improve their recognition while they play the game and also to learn about space. There are many space(universe) objects in this game which need to be paired: Stars, Spaceplane, UFO, Astronaut, Comet, Planet, Moon, Asteroid and many more.HOW TO PLAY MEMORY TRAINER: MATCHING GAME
- At first player see cards faced down. When they tap on one of them on the board they will see an cute space object image.- With the next tap kids have to find another same space object in order to pair them. When they are paired they disappear. - Game has three different difficulties (easy, medium and hard).- Try to find and match all cards as fast as possible in order to recive more valuable medal.
- Mind training.- Brain skills improvement.- Cute sounds and beautiful, relaxing music.- Develops concentration, observation and your memory talent.- IQ improvement.- Learn about the universe and it s objects: Stars, Spaceplane, UFO, Astronaut, Comet, Planet, Moon, Asteroid and many more.- Beautiful space object images.- Space memory game will keep your kids entertained.
Memory Trainer: Matching Game is beautifully designed game, with nice and intuitive interface which is easy to use.



Educational game app based on augmented reality. Join the 3D adventure and your paints come alive! Just download Chromville for free.HOW TO USE1. DOWNLOAD for free CHROMVILLE app2. VISIT and PRINT chapters pages3. COLORIZE printed chapters4. START with play button and SELECT the specific village of your printed chapter-page5. POINT to the page

Nighty Night - Bedtime Story


"Nighty Night" is the perfect App for a daily go-to-sleep ritual with sweet music and elegant narration. This App has been downloaded over 2 Million times and is a great success worldwide!
Watching all the animals go to sleep is a lovely way to set the mood for bedtime. The interactive bedtime "Nighty Night" is brought to you from Oscar-Nominee Heidi Wittlinger (2002, best animated short) who put a lot of passion and effort in constructing little sets made of paper and combining them with 2D illustration and animation.
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.
FEEDBACK FROM APP USERS: "This book finally proves to me that a kids book can be as great electronically as they are on paper. The artwork is stunning, the narration is pitch perfect well suited to its theme. (...) Buy this book, it´s truly art"
PRESS: "4 stars out of 4 "There´s bags of innovation happening right now around Apps for children, especially those that blend storytelling, animation and interactivity. Nighty Night! is one of the latest and greatest examples." // THE GUARDIAN UK
"Overall this is my new top recommendation for bedtime books with interactivity." // Digital Storytime / 5 stars out of 5
"Nighty Night is a truly gorgeous ebook to add to your literary stash - and lull the kids into the Land of Nod." // Kids Book Review
"What I liked: Everything. Nighty Night is simple, subtle, and clever. It is an App that very young children will enjoy and demand to use again and again." // PadGadget / 5 stars out of 5
"Nighty Night! is a must-have bedtime companion for your digital wunderkids!" // The ikids blog
Any questions or comments?
Contact us: More great Apps for kids: http://www.foxandsheep.comLike our Apps on facebook:

Glogster - Multimedia Posters


***AASL´s 2015 Best App For Teaching & Learning***Glogster lets you create and share multimedia posters and access a library of engaging resources for learning.
Our all-new companion app comes with the tool for creating multimedia posters and an inbuilt library of educational content. It opens a whole new world of sharing experience and knowledge on the go.
Create multimedia posters⋅ With an inbuilt editor, you can virtually mix all kinds of media on one page to create glog - a content rich multimedia poster⋅ It lets you add pictures, videos, texts and documents to create presentations, reports, class projects and many more⋅ With our predesigned templates for various occasions, you can start quickly and produce impressive glogs in no time
Inbuilt libraryOur app has a free library of more than 30,000 inspiring resources for learning⋅ With categories covering 9 disciplines and 80 topics from classrooms around the world, you have all the knowledge at your fingertips⋅ Find topics you´re interested in, browse beautiful posters with relevant content and share them directly wherever you want to
Glog creation tool⋅ A simple yet powerful Glog® editor allowing you to create your own glogs on the go combining images, graphics, audio and video.
The app comes loaded with:⋅ The mighty web picker tool - an inbuilt browser allowing you to grab photos, videos and texts from the web and drag it directly onto your glog!⋅ 10,000 unique educational graphics, categorized by subject⋅ Aviary effects to edit your photos⋅ Simple gestures to delete, close and preview your posters⋅ Favorites list for saving posters you like⋅ Google Sign in option⋅ Instant sync with your online account
HOW IT WORKS⋅ Simply log in with your Glogster username and password (or create one directly from the app), and start exploring the limitless possibilities of glogging.
Where else can you find us?On the web: www.glogster.comOn Twitter: @glogsterOn Pinterest: Facebook:

i-nigma QR & Barcode Scanner


i-nigma turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader. Thanks to exceptionally quick and robust scanning, it is regularly ranked as top performer in this category.Features of the i-nigma reader:◇ Scan QR, DataMatrix and UPC/EAN (a.k.a. "Supermarket") codes◇ Additional codes available with our SDK (details below) include: PDF 417, Micro QR, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar/NW7, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), QRcode Models 1&2 ◇ Scan colored and creative barcodes◇ Scan reversed codes (bright patterns on dark background)◇ All codes are scanned simultaneously - no need to preset barcode types◇ The i-nigma Shopper compares prices of books, games, CDs and many more products at leading online retailer sites such as Amazon and eBay◇ Scan QR and DataMatrix codes off printed material as a quick and easy way to access video, news, music, sweepstakes or any mobile content. ◇ Share scanned codes through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks ◇ Share scanned codes through SMS◇ Create QR codes on screen for scanning and sharing by other devices◇ Scan vCards or MECARDs, and save to phone contacts◇ Scan Geo barcodes and open them on Map◇ Scan Calendar barcodes and save them to phone calendar ◇ Will access your contacts or calendar ONLY FOLLOWING YOUR EXPLICIT REQUEST !◇ Multi lingual support: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Hungarian.
Based on 3GVision´s barcode decoding engine, which has become the de-facto standard for Japanese handsets, the i-nigma Barcode Reader SDK is licensed to many mobile developers. For more details go to
We also offer mobile marketers the i-nigma Campaign Manager, an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and tracking mobile barcode activity. See
Notes on privacy and permissions:
1. Privacy in our society is an important principal for 3GVision and as such, we have a standing commitment to the protection of your privacy.2. Our policy is that i-nigma is fully respectful of your privacy and hence the data we collect is anonymous and will only be reported in the aggregate.3. We prohibit the use of any personally identifying information or data without your prior consent. 4. GPS location is used to give you more relevant local information when available. You can turn off GPS location in the i-nigma Settings menu



Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem solving skillsthrough playful interaction.The app features hundreds of math games and activities for ages 4-11,organized according to national math teaching programs and populartextbooks.
The award-winning Matific app is designed by world-class early-agemath education experts, and is based on vast experience with mathteaching and research.
Endorsed by elementary school teachers and principals around theworld, Matific is the product of choice for developing early-age mathexcellence and scientific intuition.

Baby wooden blocks


Try out this fun educational learning app with your little ones.Babies and toddlers can have fun playing for a long time.- Keep babies entertained with fun sound effects- The game is adapted to be handled easily.- It´s specifically designed as an educational tool interface for babies and up.・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics activate the right brain. Improve the brain´s observation skills, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination. ・Improve the response speed and the coordination of the brain and the body. Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects. ・Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their families and friends to play together. Very convenient to use. ・Improve level of education



N.B. This is a preview release. Everything in it works and more will be added soon.Download the app to control Blue-Bot, the new addition to the TTS floor robot family. The app enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions. There are numerous features, which make writing algorithms both fun and educational.
Use explore mode to develop algorithms: - Step by step programming. Instructions are added to the list and once happy place Blue-Bot back at the start and press go.- Drag and drop programming. Just drag your instructions into the left hand bar to save- Include repeats to make things even more fun- Program 45 degree turns.
Challenge mode will add complexity into the algorithm:- Blue-Bot will add random obstacles, adding complexity to the algorithm needed- One or even two directional buttons can be removed - Random instructions can be generated, you must predict which square Blue-Bot will end up.
Children can also record themselves saying a command and can assign it to a button on Blue-Bot. As the algorithm progresses, they will hear themselves giving the instructions.
Please note to control a Blue-Bot floor robot your device must have Bluetooth.

Magic Numbers 123


“Magic Numbers 123” application is developed for 2-5 years toddlers and kids. This education app teaches the numbers to your children, increases their intellectual and cognitive skills and supports their mental development with fun methods.In the app, there will be a part for every number, from 1 to 25. So, Funny numbers app consists of 25 parts. Every part includes 5 mini parts, so there will be 125 mini parts, in total. At the end of each part, the next part comes automatically. In this way, progressive and fluent game play is provided. With the help of this simple game navigation system, children keep going the game and focus on the content.You can use the lite version of the app to try the first 7 numbers of the app, including 35 mini sections, with your children. If you think you have funny and beneficial time, do not forget to open the other parts with only one payment :)Some sections and games:- Counting the numbers and shapes by placing them on the shadows- Combine the puzzle pieces- Matching the memory cards- Connecting the dots to explore the picture- Writing the numbers- Counting the objects- Counting the objects by placing them to the right places- Counting the balloons by touching themThe professional vocalizing is used in the app. It accompanies the children during the app and supports to the information flow. The children are motivated with the help of positive feedbacks.Game features:- Colorful game worlds- Enjoyable sounds- Funny interactions- Animations- Positive feedbacks- Joining the adventures of the cute penguinYou can feel safe about giving our application to your children. In the app, there are not any ads and external links. In addition, “parental control” is available in the app. With the help of that, children cannot reach the purchase screen. Only parents can pass the control to reach our other applications and to make payment.

Mandala Coloring Pages


100 Mandala coloring pages for adults and kids. Both easy and complex mandala´s for everyone. Become relaxed and zen!Tip: Use a large screen with high resolution for the best results.Tip: Use a tablet pen for filling small areas
This app offers:* 100 Mandala´s* Easy to play* Share your artwork* Save and load your work* Undo button
Have fun and a creative moment!

Fun Farm Puzzle Games for Kids


*** Fun at the farm is a wonderful puzzle game for kids and toddlers *** Explore through 36 puzzles! Solve puzzles to get farm animals and build your own farm! Select the level of difficulty fit for your kids! Aimed for kids in the ages 1-8
Fun At The Farm features: * 6 different locations to explore, each contains 6 different puzzles. * Play through of 36 Unique puzzles. More are on the way.. * Wide range of difficulty levels - from 2 pieces for starters to 30 pieces for preschool kids and first graders! * Easy to learn and control, even for small kids * Collect animals for your farm. the more puzzles you play, the more animals you can collect. * Funny and Lovable animals, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics * Interactive animals sound effects, Positive and pleasant feedback. * Multiple side games for in between puzzle solving - pop balloons or bubbles, or just play with your farm animals. * Control the game music and sound effects from the settings menu * Additional settings allow several options to modify puzzles difficulty level and to reset your kid farm to the beginning. * Kids safe menu buttons to prevent accidental entry to parent related pages
Fun at the farm is a lovely puzzle game for all ages. Kids will improve their skills while having fun! Our educational games are specifically tailored to fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learn from each activity. We specialize in fun educational games.
The game Does Not contain ads. The game contains In App Purchase to unlock all puzzles. The first 3 puzzles are open for free. If you like this game and would like to purchase the rest of the puzzles, you can unlock the rest of the puzzles by tapping one of the locked puzzles. Thanks for your support!
*** How to play? *** First, touch the green puzzle at the maim menu to begin. You will get to a map screen with 6 locations. Initially, only the first location is available to play. Pick it to continue. On the puzzle selection page you can choose from 6 different puzzles. Pick the first to begin play. On the puzzle board, you can take pieces from the left pane and drag them to their correct location on the puzzle board, until the puzzle is complete. Once the child completes the puzzle, balloons or bubbles will show and one of the animals will make an appearance. Touch the animal to see it perform and make sounds!
On top of that, every three puzzles the kid completes, he earns a new animal to place in his farm. Your kid can pick an animal place it in the farm by touching the animal and dragging it to its desired location. In the farm, children can see all the animals they won. Each animal will move and make sounds when touched. To unlock new locations, your kids will need to complete the puzzles in the previous location.
There are three educational aspects to the game: 1. Explore 6 locations in a map like view. each time you complete a location, it will unravel on the map and a path to the next location will be discovered. 2. Solve jigsaw puzzles. there are 6 unique puzzles in each location. You pick the difficulty level fit for your kids. 3. Collect farm animals and workers. Every 3 puzzles the kids solve, they gain and pick an animal to add to their own farm.
*** How The Puzzles work? *** In each puzzle, children will have an outline of an image. Your child will then slide the puzzle piece into its assigned location. Once the kid gets a piece close enough to its target location, the game assists the kid by snapping the piece into place. Every correct placement provides a colorful positive feedback to the kid amusement. Once kids complete the puzzle, a pleasant voice congratulates the kids on a their great work. In addition, balloons or bubbles appear to celebrate the children success and they can enjoy popping them out.
Tiltan Games (2013) LTD

Farm Friends - Free Kids Games


FarmFriends: An interactive animated kids storybook told through many funny games. For kids (3 years, 4 years, 5 years, kindergarten age and older). For tablets and phones. 30+ free daily puzzles. Your toddler will enjoy many free kids farm games and learn about a farm and its animals. This interactive fairy tale will become your kid´s favorite bedtime story!Join the Elves on a fun trip from their home in the cold North to the girl Rosalie in the warmer spring land.
- One of the most charming children´s tales for preschool and older. Told in hilarious rhymes.- Great on phones, optimized for tablets.- Based on the very popular "Elf Adventure" tablet app.- A cute, educational story told in daily simple and fun puzzles. Great for reading to your kids.- Enjoy time with your kids while reading to them!- Most beautiful hand-drawn art style, charming animations and sounds effects.- 2 stories in 1: "The Jolly Journey" & "The Farm".- Funny games for girls and boys. We know parents and grandparents enjoy it as well :-)- Switch between 9 languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese
Contains only 2 one time in app purchases - accidental purchases will be refunded -- Promised!
Contains drawing games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, painting, doodles, helping your kids with learning about the farm. This is an educational and fun app for toddlers, written in cute children rhymes. Your child will puzzle, doodle, solve riddles and learn about farm animals like chickens, sheep, horses, ponies, cows, rabbits, bunnies, cats, dogs and more.
Enjoy a few moments of simple and fun reading to your children every day. This educative story book is a free interactive children´s app for tablets and phones, a storybook for young children based on the funny and cute little creatures known from popular fables, fairy tales as leprechauns, pixies: the elves. Your toddlers and preschoolers will learn about country life - and while having fun together with you!
Stay tuned for more kid friendly apps for tablets from Ploosh in the future.If you encounter any issues, please email
The story is inspired by the popular folk and fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm or the works of Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Anderse - fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We love classic fairytales such as "The Little Red Riding Hood", Cinderella or Rapunzel. We like short bedtime stories like "The Sleeping Beauty" or "Puss in Boots", fables with fairies, Rumpelstiltskin, The Princess and the Peas. These short fables with animals, such as horses and ponies are all great to be read aloud. A nice way to say "Sleep well, good night" and for getting ready to go to bed. We all remember how our parents read stories with rhymes, we remember learning the abc, the alphabet, playing with coloring books.
Thanks go out to our fans!

Happy Animals


Great game for kids to learn about animals. Join the Happy Farm and touch the animals to hear their sounds. There are the following animals: cow, horse, sheep, rooster, dog, cat, pig.Play with the memory card, easy to recognize, with great designs that are cute animals, so children improve image recognition while having fun with the animals. Have fun with the gigsaw puzzle game to complete splendid drawings of the farm. Game suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years. You can teach your baby to distinguish the different types of animalsSimple and intuitive interface , easy to use and play , made ​​especially for children .This game animals for children is also compatible with tablets .Please let us know if you like this app and if you want to add other animals.

Fiete – A day on the farm


Cock-a-doodle-do! When the rooster crows in the morning, all the animals wake up.In this lovingly created app the children help Fiete and his two friends Hinnerk and Hein in their daily work on the farm.The kids collect eggs from the henhouse in the morning, shear the sheep at noon and feed the pigs in the evening. And when all the work is done, there is even a bit of time left to spend around the campfire before everybody says "Goodnight!"
CONTENT:Morning: - Wake up Fiete, Hein and Hinnerk- Collect eggs- Harvest carrots
Noon:- Clean the pigs- Pick apples (and don´t forget to rescue the cat)- Shear the sheep
Evening- Milk the cow- Feed the pigs- Have the merchants pick up wool, milk, eggs, grain, fruits and vegetables
After the work is done:- Enjoy the end of the work day at the campfire
HIGHLIGHTS:- Free updates with new scenes- scenes with lots of things to see- intuitive, no explanation needed- cute animals- lovingly produced animations- hand-painted textures- atmospheric soundscapes- protected area for parents
NEW! Visit the Fiete Shop:
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