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Book Catalogue


An open source book cataloguing application (source on github). Books can be added manually, by ISBN, or barcode.Remember to backup and export your existing catalogue before you upgrade!
Book Catalogue is NOT a book reader.
Features include:* Sorting by author (last name), title, series, etc.* user-defined sort and list styles* Search Amazon, Google Books, goodreads and LibraryThing for data* Searching* Thumbnails (download, gallery or camera)* Loaning books* goodreads synchronization* Export and Backup* Bookshelves (books can be on multiple shelves)
Want a wishlist? Just create a bookshelf called ´Wishlist´ and start adding books.
Please email us (below) if you have any issues after an upgrade.
Wiki can be found at:
Full history at:
Recent History:
New in 5.1.0
* Italian translation (Eugenio Davolio)* Spanish translation (José M. Galdo)* Turkish translations (Emir Sarı)* Ability to archive only new/updated books and to exclude covers (or books)* Better thumbnail size in lists for high density screens* Added options to see books by author/series at Amazon* Other minor bug fixes
New in 5.0.8
* More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)
New in 5.0.7
* Fixes to bugs introduced in 5.0.5!
New in 5.0.1-5.0.5
* Style ´Added date´ is now in descending order for Android 2.2+* New field: Language* Minor Performance improvements for Android 2.2+* Translation updates (Imkal)* Bug fixes
New in 5.0.0
* A non-editable view of book details, with ´fling´ support! (Nick Silin)* Archiving of entire catalogue, including books, covers, preferences and styles* Updated and improved interface, including Action Bar suppor (should work better on devices without menu buttons)* Support for pic2shop scanner* More French translation updates (Imkal & Djiko)* More German translation updates (Robert Wetzlmayr)* More Russian translation updates (Nick Silin)* Bug fixes

Story Dice - Story telling


Want to be a storyteller but not really finding a good story to tell your family or friends? Or exhausted with all the stories you had? Not any more!!! “Story Dice” has infinite stories to share with you. WE HELP, YOU CREATE. 40 dice, 240 images and millions of stories waiting for you. Use your creativity over these images to create new story every day. You can use these images to create exciting poems, songs or jokes apart from stories. The app provides you with really cool ideas to come up with the plot of your creativity.Just Roll, Create, Entertain and Enjoy. “Story Dice” comes up with several different categories like mystery or Star Wars. You can choose up to 10 dices from the huge collection of categories available and roll them over to just create another new story. “Master the art of story telling”. Use this really interesting learning with fun app to play different games like charades, Pictionary, guess game or a challenging game to find out the best story teller. The game can also be used for various other educational purposes in schools as well. In fact you can use your own creativity to use the app. “Story Dice” is the best ever game to create your creativity.
The app is a complete package of learn, creativity and fun which can be played by any age group be it kids, teens or adults. You no longer have to carry a story book all the time to tell the stories. The story teller art is now in your pocket. Just roll the device and give the shape to the images to create a brand new story every time. With unlimited icons you now have millions of stories in your pocket. Keep up the art of story telling and enjoy your own creativity.
***********************SAY HELLO***********************We look forward to hearing from you! Whether it’s a suggestion, bug you found, or you want to share one of your crazy stories. Get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to hit you back. If you have liked the app, do rate us on play store. Also, share the app among your friends who love stories as much as you do.

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